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Simplify and automate your leave management system

December 9, 2015

Managing human resources is not an easy task, especially and when it comes to complex and touchy issues such as managing leaves or framing/changing a company leave policy, things can often get murky and make all the stakeholders uncomfortable. In addition to remunerations, many candidate takes into account the leave policy of a company before joining. Approving leaves is a delicate balancing act. On one hand, HR has to ensure compliance with leave policy and ensure availability of sufficient resources for business continuance, while on the other it has to improve employee satisfaction.

Simplify And Automate Your Leave Management System

While many companies may not take leave management seriously, research shows that poor leave management/ manual leave management has had a bad impact on business performance. It can impact project deliveries and employee morale negatively. Here are some critical business issues, directly related to leave management:

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The importance of Travel and Expense Management automation

December 4, 2015

Each day, new technology and telecommunication options shrink and flatten our world while simultaneously expanding and globalizing our economy. Companies are breaking down borders, expanding outward to explore new business opportunities, and forming new partnerships. As a result of these changes and the associated impact on travel and collaboration, organizations are re-thinking to transform their manual approach of travel and expense management to automated approach.

The Importance Of Travel And Expense Management Automation

Travel and expense (TE) management is a vital component of a finance department and comprises a large portion of a company’s annual budget. There are various complexities associated with manual management of travel and expense management.

The four main problems with manual travel and expense management are:

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Transform your training with eLearning

December 1, 2015

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is highly specialized and technical. It needs very competent and well-informed people to interact with healthcare professionals.

Due to the constant advances in medical products, Pharmaceutical sales representatives need rigorous training on selling skills including how to consult with doctors. Other employees working in this vertical need training on regulatory norms such as Good Manufacturing Practices.

Transform Your Training With ELearning

To enhance the product knowledge of employees and ensure compliance to applicable laws, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly jumping at the chance to implement eLearning initiatives which give remote access to training / certification, collaboration and meetings without the need to devote time to travel or organized classes.
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Data, data, and data- our businesses can’t function without it

November 23, 2015

The old approach for collecting, assimilating, and delivering to business intelligence (BI) information have not kept pace with today’s increasing demand for rapid decision-making and flexible information access requirements.

As information requirements and user demands increase, traditional BI solutions present obstacles and limitations that slow an organization’s ability to integrate business processes and strategy. In turn, this can hamper intelligent decision making in organizations today.

Data, Data, And Data- Our Businesses Can’t Function Without It

Faced with these challenges, organizations are demanding for next generation business intelligence (BI) dashboard, which offers a real-time picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with detailed reports that anyone can create and access from anywhere due to its cloud mobility solution.

The Importance of business intelligence dashboard

With business intelligence dashboard, one size doesn’t fit for all. Different users want to see different data or, they may want to see the same data, but organized differently like:

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The impact of eDetailing and how it affect its users

November 20, 2015

eDetailing has become an effective communication channel for companies looking to reach out to physicians to educate them about the benefits and capabilities of their products. In recent years, looking for avenues to reduce cost and increase productivity of their traditional traveling sales force, medical and pharmaceutical companies have been drastically increasing their investment in eDetailing over traditional print collateral.

The Impact Of EDetailing And How It Affect Its Users

As a way to maintain a competitive advantage, companies are shifting their focus towards mobile platform as the ideal solution to enhance their traditional detailing efforts.
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