Approvals Management

In the case of a growing company and large no. of employees in the organization, the hierarchy is ought to be large. In such cases, Workflow manages and defines a series of tasks within an organization to produce a final outcome or outcomes. It helps to have an effective control over the activities of the employees. In other words, the Approval management functionality provides the opportunity for an organization to transform their unique business cases into approval routing rules.

FFReporting easily manages this by the function of Approval Management in FFReporting software.

Various Workflow allowed in FFReporting are:

  • MCL Approval
  • STP/STC Approval
  • Leave Approval
  • Expense Approval
  • MTP Approval
  • Call Unlock Approval
  • KPI Budget Approval

Approvals Management functionality is a self-service web application that allows users to define rules for administering approval s of various types of transactions. Learn how easy it is to use this powerful functionality to create complex approval scenarios that meet your unique business requirements. It is important that an organization provides accountability throughout its business processes, approval of business transactions via a per-defined process forms one part of this.

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