Report Generation System

The main purpose of the management is to analyze various aspects of the MR and other functions which are provided to the employees. To get a report on various activities, we provide a specific function in FFreporting called report generator. The current reporting methodology for report generation system is similar to the conventional method used by other information systems. In this function the cycle of generating the report is repeated each time a user requests one. This cause data to be extracted, generated and assembled into a report for every request.

This report generator creates reports for:

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Target Doctor Frequency
  • Weekly activity report
  • Monthly Call Performance of Employee report
  • Calls not submitted
  • Average no. Of product per call
  • Visit count report
  • Daily Call Report (DCR) report
  • Plan Reports
  • Different parameters can be used to generate report
  • Importing the report

And along with the above fixed reports we also provide a very special facility of CUSTOM REPORTS which allows the management to analyze whatever aspect they want.
This is useful for any industry that enters data manually, combining it with automatically collected data for reporting without bringing in IT specialists.

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