How your marketing/sales team will manage clean customer data efficiently? – A CRM perspective

It happens many times that you make a follow-up call to the customers and find that another member of your team has already contacted customer.
How Your Marketing/Sales Team Will Manage Clean Customer Data Efficiently? – A CRM PerspectiveThat would be a little embarrassing and there is confusion and you need to cross check many things. Such situation says that there was no record of a call being made to the contact and CRM contains duplicate contact for sure which was assigned to another sales representative.

How these duplicity occurs? It happens many times that we change contacts details which can be phone number, email address or even company name which leads an accumulation of redundant and incomplete data.
Inaccuracy or incompleteness in customer data often hampers sales performance. This is the main reason that you need to maintain complete and clean data of your customers. It avoids duplicate records for future.

Next, how to deal with duplicate records in CRM is a crucial and important question.
For example, two contacts have the same last name, email address or company name but one record has a phone number or address that is not found in the other. Duplicate records are not necessarily identical. This is sometimes frustrating as some of the crucial information that you are looking for is scattered in both the records.
To address such problems FFReporting offers you set of features. Instead of blindly deleting one record and potentially losing important data, you can merge the information into one contact.
This feature helps you to find duplicate records in bulk and merge them as one record. With this you have an option to search all duplicate records based on a selected field’s value. You can choose any one from the various fields that are available. Records with any duplicate in the selected field’s value will be listed for you to select and merge, if required. In this way, you will have a clean data which will help you to track the information and helps to increase the sales performance.

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