Data, data, and data- our businesses can’t function without it

The old approach for collecting, assimilating, and delivering to business intelligence (BI) information have not kept pace with today’s increasing demand for rapid decision-making and flexible information access requirements.

As information requirements and user demands increase, traditional BI solutions present obstacles and limitations that slow an organization’s ability to integrate business processes and strategy. In turn, this can hamper intelligent decision making in organizations today.

Data, Data, And Data- Our Businesses Can’t Function Without It

Faced with these challenges, organizations are demanding for next generation business intelligence (BI) dashboard, which offers a real-time picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with detailed reports that anyone can create and access from anywhere due to its cloud mobility solution.

The Importance of business intelligence dashboard

With business intelligence dashboard, one size doesn’t fit for all. Different users want to see different data or, they may want to see the same data, but organized differently like:

  • Month-over-month(MOM) and year-on-year(YOY) change in sales
  • Last month’s gross sales by geographic location
  • Sales segmentation of monthly Sales MOM by dept. or by product
  • Sales and filed comparison report
  • Primary vs Secondary vs Target Sales

Business intelligence dashboard can display, analyze, and compare historical figures with budgets, forecasts, and sales targets. A focused dashboard can also provide deep analysis of budgeting and forecasting.

What are the benefits of using dashboard in the planning, budgeting and forecasting process? Let’s take a look at how BI dashboard can transform your business planning processes:

  • It allow you to identify and correct negative trends
  • It measure your company’s performance
  • It improve efficiency and support decision-making with facts
  • It help businesses determine goals and strategies as a whole

Business intelligence dashboard can provide your company with key information so you never have to make an uninformed decision again.

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