eDetailing v/s Traditional detailing

A congested industry
Pharmaceutical companies are facing various challenges with their current sales and detailing processes. Physicians are trying to see more patients in less time while attempting to focus on optimizing the quality of the patient visit. Physicians’ time is also over-crowded by hospitals, staff, and family obligations.
EDetailing V/S Traditional Detailing
There are more sales representatives competing for less physician’s time than ever before. Meanwhile, the annual rate of increase in physicians has remained flat, while the number of pharmaceutical sales representatives has doubled over the past decade.

Detailing delivers by far the biggest return on marketing investments for pharmaceutical companies, but many are finding that although they are spending more on product detailing, actual bottom-line results are not growing at the expected rate.

Detailing usually refers to the activity of pharmaceutical sales representatives when they make calls to physicians and provide them with “details” — approved scientific information, benefits, side effects, or adverse events — related to a drug.

Traditional detailing challenges

  • Dropping productivity
  • Ineffective expense management of MRs
  • Seemingly busy physicians with limited time to entertain MRs
  • High acceptance and connectivity of internet by medical professional

Constant innovation is the need of today’s competitive market
In today’s digitalized era, the convenience, instant impact and strong recall value offered by digital media has proved it to be the best platform for effective focus, as well as mass communication. The rapidly growing pharma sector is set to embrace an emerging concept called eDetailing or electronic Detailing.
eDetailing is a comprehensive solution which help both sales representatives and physicians with a great way of getting the information they want at a time that suits them. Through eDetailing, you can get all the resources and references needed just with a tab.

eDetailing is an umbrella term covering the use of electronic, interactive media to enable sales presentations to physicians, and it has become an important element in medical sales training. eDetailing may include targeted email, online sample ordering, and live interaction with physicians through webinars or one-on-one conferencing. Instead of waiting for long periods in doctors’ offices before being given a quick few minutes to present a product, sales reps can now work much more efficiently.

eDetailing is one of the most technologically advanced solution being offered to the sales teams of a pharma company, to such an extent that it is almost perceived as a boon, offered by this technology marvel.

1. Assures strict implementation of the strategy rolled-out by the core team
2. Enables very effective engagement with customer (doctors) at a completely different level
3. Allows rich audio/video content to be presented in the most creative way
4. Ensures more profound engagement with interactive content evoking enthusiastic participation by the customer
5. Presents the details of ‘In-clinic’ briefing, as well as interests and feedback from a Customer
6. Facilitates effective analysis on the strategy and its actual implementation in the field, on the basis of geographical segmentation, employee hierarchy or even therapeutic segmentation
7. Quantum increase in sales due to effective strategy implementation results in a robust ROI, which pales the financial foot-print for the company
8. Results in huge increase in the brand-value of the company and its products

eDetailing is by far the best method of promoting your products in pharmaceutical marketing; it is the most modern way to communicate your products, receive feedback and metrics, re-deploy strategies and even lower your costs. With the use of tablets for the presentation of a truly interactive content that can be customized to the needs of each meeting, e-Detailing offers a unique opportunity to the representative to obtain better results and communicate his products in the most efficient way. In the meantime, the company gets a better understanding of the campaign results by accessing live analytics and reports from the field.

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