The impact of eDetailing and how it affect its users

eDetailing has become an effective communication channel for companies looking to reach out to physicians to educate them about the benefits and capabilities of their products. In recent years, looking for avenues to reduce cost and increase productivity of their traditional traveling sales force, medical and pharmaceutical companies have been drastically increasing their investment in eDetailing over traditional print collateral.

The Impact Of EDetailing And How It Affect Its Users

As a way to maintain a competitive advantage, companies are shifting their focus towards mobile platform as the ideal solution to enhance their traditional detailing efforts.

Innovative and comprehensive mobile eDetailing presentations can allow your medical representatives to get the root of the conversation, and provide the exact content that their physicians are looking to learn. eDetailing is equipping the MR to answer variety of queries through handy information capsules.

Though eDetailing is emerging as an important innovation in the field of product detailing which benefited medical reps, physicians and pharma marketers in different ways as mentioned below.

Benefis of eDetailing

    For physicians:

  • Faster, accurate and more impressive presentations
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Interactive & multimedia content
  • Self-guided e-detailing, when the doctor is available
  • Focus on specific areas of interest
  • Constructive conversations and information exchange with colleagues
    For medical representatives:

  • Efficient time management
  • Customized, targeted and more effective presentations
  • Easier follow-up and leads
  • Centralized app solution that improves work-flow and reporting
  • Reduced transportations
  • Automated procedures
    For companies:

  • Measurable results, statistics and reports
  • Field data for CRM
  • Reduce or even completely eliminate the need for printed material
  • Full control of promotional material and presentations
  • Zero-time delivery of promotional material and presentations
  • Can be applied at any stage of product’s life cycle
  • Reduced promotional costs at all levels

eDetailing is the finest solution for pharmaceutical companies to effectively manage marketing strategies and redeploy promotional material with zero-cost in zero-time.

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