Create custom presentations to make each call look different

The uncharacteristically rapid adoption of iPad is understandable considering what the industry needs and what the iPad delivers. Pharmacos were desperately seeking a way into physicians’ offices, hearts and minds. And along came the iPad with all of its beauty and grace.
Create Custom Presentations To Make Each Call Look Different
It is, by all accounts, the “perfect device” for supporting one-on-one interactions with physicians (who themselves are enamored with the technology). The pharmaceutical adopters of the iPad have reported improved access, more face time and stronger engagement with physicians through rich multi-media presentations.

Marketing people spend a great deal of time keeping their slide library up-to-date and organized. But oftenly, these beautiful and compliant pitch materials become compromised once they get into the hands of the sales force. Salespeople are notorious for going rogue — customizing their own decks or using old versions saved on their desktop without thinking twice about branding or compliance. In an effort to control the sales team’s sometimes erratic use of materials, there arise need to implement presentation management and automation solutions which help marketers organize, update, and evaluate their sales presentation materials.

The presentation management in our solution helps to reduce the efforts of marketing people and they need not to worry about sales people using the old materials as the solutions helps to manage it. The custom made presentations encourage sales people to use the updated materials to customers. They can prepare different presentations for each call which makes the call look unique. The sales people can create multiple presentations depending on the availability of customers so as to highlight the important aspects of the product, type of the customers he is meeting, type of the product being presented.

This custom made presentation management in our solution offers a new platform for understanding and engaging customers and the industry can have its own breakthrough in connecting with customers as never before.

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