Sales forecasting and Order Booking Calls in CRM

Sales Forecasting And Order Booking Calls In CRMWhen a sales executive visits the customer, many times he ends up booking an order on-the-spot. Depending upon the industry and distribution methods used in the industry, the order needs to be passed onto the dealer, distributor or another such stock point in the system.

FFReporting provides an excellent Order Management tool, which allows field users to log the orders while on the sales call and forward the order to relevant supply/stock point. Based on the workflow requirements, the order can go for the customer for the authentication. Once confirmed, order can be seamlessly transferred to back-end order processing system or ERP system where the order can be processed.

FFReporting order booking and order management are not just data entry tools, they are intelligent order management system, which can provide historical purchase pattern of customers as well as current stock and sales positions at customer end to ensure orders booked are based on scientific order management and inventory management practices. Companies of various domains like pharmaceuticals, FMCG, etc., where field personnel is required to update the inventory levels in the system before booking the order, the FFReporting system provides an easy and flexible interface for uploading stock and sales statements which are possibly available in different formats.

The FFReporting system is responsive and can be accessed from mobile smart phones, tablets and laptops with equal ease. There are email and SMS alerts at various action points.
In many cases, the FFReporting system can also be used only as forecasting system for creating customer-wise sales forecast and transfer the same to demand planning department.

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